Bloc Loc - Half-Square Triangles & Beyond Volume 1
Bloc Loc - Half-Square Triangles & Beyond Volume 1

Bloc Loc - Half-Square Triangles & Beyond Volume 1


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In Half-Square Triangles & Beyond Volume 1, you will learn over 35 techniques for HST, QST, Y-Blocks, HHST, and Topsy-Turvy

Triangles with all of the cutting amounts and full-color step by step instructions! It’s a jaw-dropping reference book of methods that you can use whether replacing a pattern technique, wanting to boost your skills or try new units with confidence.

You will discover 11 techniques for half-square triangles, including how to make string HST, or any other unit a “string” unit. Each unit has complete cutting charts.

Learn the trick for fast and accurate stitch & flip squares and triangles.

Know how to make the 18 different types of HHST and select the right ones for your project. You can also turn HHST into Y-Blocks or QST for something really unique!

Running dangerously low on fabric? Learn the methods to save on fabric and still complete the project!

You gotta try the Perfect Pinwheel Block technique! It uses only 2 squares of fabric and makes 2 complete Pinwheel blocks. Plus, you square up the block after it’s sewn together.

Discover over 25 different methods for making Y-Block units and know how to trim using a treasure hunting skill called, “X Marks the Spot”.

You will know the advantages and disadvantages of each method and understand where the bias is before you sew, learn how to identify whether a unit is identical or mirror image and which ruler/size goes with any pre-cut! Easy to read charts leads you through which pre-cut to buy.

80 pages, spirally bound