Glow in the Dark - Luminary Green 60196

Glow in the Dark - Luminary Green 60196


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Luminary is readily available in white, pink, yellow, green, and blue. Luminary has the proper physical specifications needed in regard to break strength and elongation for both home and industrial type applications.

Features & Benefits:
* Available in beautiful pastel colors
* Glows powerfully in the dark for as long as 8 hours after minimun exposure to light
* Strong enough for industrial sewing and quilting machines
* Back and forth (dense stitches) in most desired glow area brings best results
* Washer and dryer safe - do not bleach

Product Desc. - Mini Spool
Tex Size - 27
Metric Size - 120/2
Strength (lbs) - 2.2
Strength (grams) - 998
Needle Size (metric) - 75
Put-up - 700yd Mini Spool